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New automatic payment machine & solutions helps parking system.

Digital parking is a heavyweight payment solution and LPR parking solutions that Ali pay is based on its strong bottom-level password-free payment capabilities. By connecting to digital parking, the users will feel nondifference with driving, and it will also help parking lot owners.


1. The user registers his mobile number, plate number with a valid saving card or credit card from apps firstly.

2. When the registered car goes into the parking lot with an HD license plate recognition camera, the boom will open automatically while the plate number was recognized successfully.

3. When the registered car leaves the parking lot while the plate number was recognized successfully, and the cost was deducted from the bank card and then create a bill for it.


1. The parking lot has parking fees-related qualifications (such as the business license that specifies the relevant business scope of parking fees, the parking fee qualification issued or filed by relevant government departments, etc.)

2. The parking lot has a parking management system, and is equipped with a high-definition camera to recognize the license plate; the parking lot has a networked environment.

3. If a parking lot offers discounts and exemptions, it must be upgraded to an electronic coupon that can be used through online payment (not recognized by the staff of the guard post) or has an effective customer complaint processing process such as refunds after departure.