We have over 22 years of experience working with local and international firms in the telecom and information sectors, and we have formed Active Investment with a solid basis and tangible collaboration with our local and international partners from various countries, including the United States of America, Korea, China, and Singapore, to develop our professional services listed below:
• Security, Electronic, Technology Equipment Provider
• Managed Security System Services

Among our top clients were embassies, governments, Japanese factories, local and international businesses, corporate and enterprise businesses, and so on. We stay vendor-neutral and laser-focused on offering the best solution for each customer, whether they require a full turnkey solution, technical support, or consulting services.

Let us help you protect your personal and professional assets with the most up-todate and dependable solutions. You require a firm that can make swift choices and has a positive mindset. When it comes to lowering your company’s risk and increasing its profitability,

AI gives you the quality service and dependability you deserve. Your organization need a “trusted advisor.”

Welcome to Cambodia

Cambodia - Economic growth of 8% for the past 2 decades

The Kingdom of Cambodia is located in the tropical region of Southeast Asia in the Lower Mekong region. The physical landscape is dominated by the lowland plains around the Mekong River and the Tonle Sap Lake. Active Investment helps bring together Cambodian opportunities and international investors. Cambodia is a developing country with stability country and economic. There are main two factors push investors to choose Cambodia for their investment, it is huge potential inside & outside country and economic boom & increase number of FDI.
With growth GDP more than 8% each year, it pushed more people out of the poverty line decrease from 47.8% to 13.5%. Cambodia is the right place for putting invest right now.
Our Vision to build a future where our name across the country and known regional for development and marketing of a fine living environment with highest quality and unmatched value-for–money.

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