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Access Control System For Government, Business, Resident.

What is the access control system?

The Access Control System(ACS) is a control system that uses modern electronic equipment and software information technology to control the entry, shuch as recording and alarming of people or things at the entrance.  It has become an effective measure to ensure the security of the area and realize intelligent management.

Types of access control system

The access control system is mainly composed of the reading part, transmission part, management/control part and execution part. According to its hardware composition mode, it can be divided into the integrated type and split type. It can also be classified into independent control type, network control type and data carrier transmission control type.

1.Each component of the integrated access control system realizes all the functions of access control through internal connection, combination or integration.

Each component of the split-type access control system has a structured part and a combination part in different ways. The separated part and the combined part are connected to form a system through electronic, electromechanical and other methods to realize all functions of access control.

Independent control type access control system, all display / programming / management / control and other functions of its management / control part are completed in one device (entrance controller).

Networked control type access control system, all display / programming / management / control functions of its management / control part are not completed in one device (entrance controller). Among them, the display/programming function is completed by another device. Data transmission between devices is achieved through wired and / or wireless data channels and network devices.

The difference between the data carrier transmission control type and access control system is only in the way of data transmission. Among them, the display/programming work is done with other equipment. The data transmission between the devices is done through the input/export operation of the removable, readable and writable data carrier.

Most important things of the access control system

Access control systems must first be able to confirm their identity and determine legality of their access (behavior). We call it a feature carrier, and the identity and authority information it carries is a feature. Many feature carriers can be used in the access control system, such as magnetic cards or photoelectric cards.

Reading device is a device that exchanges information with a characteristic carrier. It reads the information about identity and authority from the feature carrier. The reading device of the mechanical lock is the “lock core”, while the key to a magnetic card is a magnetoelectric conversion device.

An access control system is only practical if it is coupled with an appropriate locking mechanism. Different forms of locking mechanisms constitute a variety of different access control systems. After the lock core matches the tooth shape of the key, the handle can be turned to retract the lock tongue to open the door.

The security of the access control system includes impact resistance, which is resistant to damage by mechanical forces. The characteristic carrier is mainly various information cards, and the opening and closing of the door are controlled by the electromagnetic force. Its performance is mainly determined by the locking mechanism of the system.