License Plate Recognition Intelligent Transportation System

We has been engaged in parking system research for 20 years.

Mainly produces license plate recognition, and is committed to popularizing license plate recognition systems around the world.Currently we can support license plate recognition in 123 countries and regions and we now have test demo from different countries.

Our License plate recognition workflow:

License plate recognition technology is an important part of modern intelligent transportation system, and its application is very wide. Based on computer vision processing, digital image processing, pattern recognition and other technologies, it processes and analyzes the vehicle images or video images taken by the camera to obtain the license plate number of each vehicle to complete the recognition process as shown in the license plate recognition workflow :

English interface of license plate recognition software

Advantages of license plate recognition intelligent system:

A complete intelligent license plate recognition system can enhance vehicle recognition accuracy, reduce manual management costs and management difficulty of parking lot systems, and can also effectively reduce misidentification and improve vehicle traffic efficiency.